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critiques will not change. The government will have to play a bigger role and help to change. V Vatika (Kannada: ವಟಿಕಾ ) is a 1990 Indian Kannada drama film directed by Vijaya Kothanda and produced by Sudarshan Movies. The film stars Shivarajkumar, Hema choudhary, Amrish Puri, Nagaraja Chari, Ramesh Bhat. In a small rural village lives Chandrakant, a widower, and his four children: Akshay, Ashalatha, Shweta, and Rahul. Akshay is in love with a girl named Rajya. The village is ruled by a headman, nicknamed "Thurakkar", and he protects his power by eliminating all possibilities of the woman choosing another man. The Thuraakkar feels that by allowing Akshay to marry Rajya, a marriage between a Thuraakkar's daughter and a farmer's son, would threaten his reign. After an attempt on Rajya's life, the Thuraakkar becomes distrustful of her, and takes steps to have her killed. As Akshay's family desperately tries to find Rajya, the village headman threatens Akshay and his family into keeping the murder a secret. After Akshay's family learns of this threat, Akshay decides to kill the headman in self-defense. After killing the headman, Akshay takes all the village women hostage and demands the return of Rajya, claiming that he will harm the women and anyone else who tries to take him to jail. The police arrive to find everyone held hostage by Akshay and his followers, except for Rajya, who is missing. Rajya was saved by a childhood friend, who notified the police and she is taken to the police station. However, the police officer mistakenly takes her to be Akshay's wife. This causes the villagers to demand that Akshay and his men be held responsible for Rajya's disappearance and murder. While the police are holding Akshay's men, Akshay himself is murdered by the Thuraakkar. His son, Ashalatha, kills the Thuraakkar, avenging his father's death and gaining control of the village. The film ends as Ashalatha decides to kill the remaining villagers, save Rajya, and run away with her




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